Camp – Day 16


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Today, one of the MLs (Municipal Liaison – people in charge!) of the Birmingham NaNo group and I had planned to meet up for a casual write and get – out – the – house session.  A coffee and impromptu McDonalds later, I had gotten 500 words written.  It wasn’t bad going for less than two hours work, I suppose.  I’ve picked it up again now, but I don’t expect to go over 7000 words before midnight.

I’m on Facebook at the same time.


Camp – Day 13


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It is day 13 of Camp NaNo.  I’ve not blogged for a bit, it is the start of the Easter holidays in the UK, and approaching the halfway point for Camp.

I originally intended to write 30,000 words for Camp, as that was a thousand a day which seemed like a pretty neat number.  A few days ago though, I lowered that to 25,000.  If I get ahead of myself, i’ll raise it again, but as it stands, I am here with an open file containing around 3170 words.  I should be nearer the 10k, 11k mark by now.  The write – in in Birmingham was okay, I did write about 500 words, but that was over a seven or so hour period.

I had to run out for food and take a dianetics test.  I’m not a Scientologist, I just wanted to see if I could wangle a free Hubbard book.  It didn’t work though.  I worked out how to fix the stress test too, so it was all a bit funny.

Friday was the write – in for Wolverhampton Writers’ Guild, the group that was set up during NaNo 2013 that I organised with a few other people.  There were only two of us this week, the other person being the ML of Birmingham, Susan, so we got some good work done.  I started the day with 1344 words and ended it with 2555, which was a massive confidence boost.  If I could keep that going, I would hit target before the end of April.

I have decided to write the new idea I had, the Stephen King type novel will have to wait.  Again.

Camp NaNo


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So i’m sitting here, with the Guild, trying to write some stuff up for Camp NaNo.  It starts in a few days, and I am woefully underprepared.  I have very few notes, a clear, but rough, idea plan of what the main story is and i’m still making notes.  But, I just can’t concentrate.

Even writing this is is difficult.  Today is not a good day for concentrating!  I’ve spent over an hour writing this, and it’s not going well…

So i’ll see you later, I suppose.

Book Two Is No Longer Book Two


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So, i’ve been doing some research for a book.  But not the book two I was planning to write.

After getting a thousand or so words down for book two, I read an article, and started another story.  I am also around a thousand words into this one.  I suppose my original idea will have to go on the backburner again.  by the time I get to write it, it’s going to be my last ever book…

I haven’t much more to tell you.  I’ve been swamped with study, attempting to play catchup with textbook work and essays before Camp NaNo starts in April.  I don’t know if it’ll happen how I want, but it’s worth a go!

During Camp NaNo I expect to write a thousand words a day, so roughly 30,000 by the end.  A little more achievable than the NaNoWriMo target.

Book Number Two

When I was writing Section Three, I got lost with the story.  It went through a number of changes, and I lost interest for a few days.  Needing to keep up word count for NaNoWriMo, I started work on other projects.  One of these is going to become book two.

I have the opening.  1000 words or so.  I have a bit of an idea.  I’ve also had a chat with a friend and come up with some other scraps that could be worked up into whole ideas.  But i’m struggling.  See, I had this idea, but I was put off it somewhat when I was told it was a Stephen King novel.  When I looked it up, long after NaNoWriMo, I found it wasn’t the same at all.  Now, i’m trying to run with it, but I don’t know what direction to go.  It could go mystery, or supernatural, or anything really.  It’s just finding what i’m comfortable with writing, how long I want it to be, and what word count I plan to hit during Camp NaNo!

I need to be more structured.  I have a head swimming with ideas, but it’s just not working out right at the moment…

And, I have a lot of legal study to do too…

The Hardback Copies, And Other Stuff


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Since pressing the buttons on everything for publication, i’ve focused a little more on my University study.  Not much more, but I did some bursts of textbook work and got my first essay in.  During that time, I ordered two hardback copies – one for myself, and one for a friend, for her birthday.

It never arrived on time for her birthday.

Her birthday meal was Saturday.  I took her a paperback copy, and told her that even though the book had been posted days before, it was coming from France.  So, here’s the other copy and a pair of tights.

I am that poor.

Her copy arrived at her house yesterday.  My copy didn’t.  This morning, I got this -


This is commonplace in my area.  The postman is very lazy, he would rather hop over our garden walls than walk the path too!  This is also not the first time I have received a ‘Sorry’ card that instructs me to wait TWENTY FOUR HOURS before collecting.  By which time, they will attempt a redelivery and give me another card (because, why would he knock the door tomorrow when he didn’t today?).

My friends have seen my hard copies before I have.  No fair.

Also, I got my first five star rating on Amazon :D

Delivery, Missed


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I woke up today, after a very long night of trying to sort out all sorts of whatnot, and found this in my hallway.


Anyone who has ever been in a room with me, where there has been unexpected or irritating noises with within or without the room, will understand that this means my postman lied.  He did not knock the door.  I would have heard.

So, after all the other things I had to do, I went to the sorting office.  They gave me this -


I had received an email saying the books had been dispatched, so I figured that was what this was.  In keeping with my usual impatient nature, I opened the parcel in front of of the doors, of course.

I got home to take some photos.


My cat, Frijj, is SUPER HELPFUL, so she joined in.


Super helpful cat.  Yes.

Pre – Orders


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As I mentioned in my previous post, some of my friends have pre – ordered some books from me.  So, when I put an order in for my proof copy, I ordered the other copies at the same time.

Yesterday, I found out I hadn’t put any page numbers on the original file…

Today I amended that issue, and also added the copyright page, including ISBN into the file for general release.  when I checked the online proof, the page numbers still weren’t there!  So, I have no idea if any of the books have page numbers or not, because they don’t show.

Therefore, the first seven people to receive a copy of my book have got literally that.  A copy of my book, all the original text, bound and signed by me.  Individually numbered as promised.  With a personally handwritten copyright notice, probably inclusive of a smiley face :)

I now need to order another proof copy that includes the copyright notice, or else they won’t let me sell the book.  Damnit.


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